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Astroworld Merch

Astroworld Merch

Travis Scott has made a name for him in the music industry with his diverse roles: rapper, singer, and producer after debuting with Kanye West. The moment the world laid their eyes on this Houston rapper featuring in G. O. O. D. Music series they were hands down impressed. But Travis as a young rapper has churned out some iconic music over the past years, such as Sicko Mode and Antidote. He has vowed fans with his latest album Astroworld and fans from around the world can’t stop hearing it on repeat. So, if you are Travis Scott follower you would have heard the magnificent collaboration with Post Malone, and Ozzy Osbourne has blessed us all with funky music intertwined deep meaningful lyrics, as it topped the Spotify Charts consistently for months. Who would have ever thought Ozzy, Post Malone, and Travis would come together to create something so extraordinary? No one would have guessed it.

Moreover, not only is Travis a passionate rapper with a new pizzazz to the music industry but he is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, as he uses his platform to call out those who need to be held accountable for the harassment and death of all the innocent people.

Also, we believe not a lot of you know that Travis Scott is a stage name for Jacques Berman Webster II, which is a perfect blend of his favourite artist and family member. This Houston Rapper has worked his way up to fame, as Travis has signed record deals with Kanye West’s GOOD Music and T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records before releasing his first self-released mixtape. For all the true fans who have been following Travis from the beginning know the struggles he had to face on releasing Owl Pharaoh, but he never gave up working towards the bigger picture, and ended up releasing his second mixtape, Days Before Rodeo after a year.

Thus, hard work pays off eventually, as he had a hit single, Antidote from his debut studio album, Rodeo that he released after his second mixtape in September 2015. All the record labels including Epic Records he signed with during his initial career he works with them, as he is a man of his word and stays loyal to those who helped him achieve his dream. Scott is among the lucky few to have different collaborations with the most experienced and beloved musicians in the industry, like Rihanna, Post Malone, Kanye West and the list of star-studded musicians is never-ending.

Coming to the third and most coveted album, Astroworld was released in August 2018 but fans still can’t get over it, as they fell in love with each song’s lyrics and the not so orthodox music videos, but Sicko Mode topped the Billboard 100 chart. Therefore, if you are aware of all that goes on in Travis’s life you would love his daughter, Stormi Webster. All Travis and Kylie fans were heartbroken over the news of their split but the two have managed to co-parent Stormi while remaining friendly exes.

Introduction to Travis Scott’s Number 1 Album, Astroworld

Travis Scott was inspired by the Land of Wonders, Astroworld with his internet-breaking music album that highlighted his journey from his debut album, Rodeo. Travis as a kid was obsessed with the awesome theme park Six Flags, AstroWorld in Houston but when he got to know of the closed amusement park news, he was heartbroken. Thus, the Grammy-nominated number one album is inspired by a place close to his heart, where he would most certainly have loved to take Stormi. Travis is a man filled with ambition and imagination, as he spoke about joining Harvard for an architecture degree and his attention to detail can be seen in Astroworld music videos. The Houston rapper is known to keep the eye on the prize, as he has promised his fans and kids of Houston to reopen a second annual Astroworld.

The music videos or live performances are the perfect depiction of any psychedelic consumer’s night with a hint of Travis around every turn, as we are highly impressed with the hypnotic production. Any Travis Scott Rager would know how the hybrid between hip hop and rap has been what was missing from our lives, and which better creative curator other than Travis could be the one dropping fly unfamiliar music and fashion-forward sneakers? We at Stockloot can’t think of any other. All Ragers love his high energy shows with the most iconic setups. Moreover, this stargazer knows how to leave a powerful impact on pop culture with his evolving fluid style and artistic touch in everything he touches be it merch or just music.

He has always honoured Kanye West for taking him under his wing, but Travis is always two steps ahead of his mentor with his divisive skills. Not your typical rapper has taken the world by storm with his legendary Astroworld tour. The 28-year-old rapper has a diehard stage presence, as during his Astroworld tour he had an inverted Ferris Wheel on stage, which was loaded with Ragers whipped out of the crowd. Furthermore, Scott is an avid collector of the Jordan’s and he showcased Blue Air Jordan IVs but that too on an inflatable astronaut on stage.

If you thought this was the only creative, yet chaotically precise bombshell contraption you have mistaken Travis. He had a rollercoaster high up in the sky above the stage. The braided rapper has classics we all devour but No Bystanders, Stargazing, Can’t Say and Sicko Mode are the fire that tells us why Astroworld took him so long.

In demand Astroworld merch

Astroworld has among our favourite artists Quavo, Takeoff, Drake, Gunna Nav, Swae Lee, and much more waiting for you, but so is the fire Astroworld merch that has a wide selection of products to nitpick from. We know all Ragers want to raid the Stockloot Astroworld merch consisting of bomb accessories, dope hats, comfy streetwear hoodies; colourful phone cases, shoes and how can we forget our amazing Travis Scott t-shirts. Jump on the star-studded bandwagon and get yours before stocks run out!

Must have Astroworld Accessories:

Nowadays, everyone has followed the trend of owning earbuds and we know how expensive those are, so why not protect them with something out of this world? Even though for some Ragers the Astroworld merch might be a fashion statement, for some a way of appreciation for Travis and some might get their Travis Scott Ariana Grande Billie Eilish KPop Earphone Case for practical reasons. There is no harm in whatever the reason is but getting a merch product that is best of both worlds with creativity and functionality packed into one is just awesome.

Astroworld Hats:

Travis never discriminated among his fans be it young, or old he has customized products to cater to the needs of all, so if your dad is a Travis Scott fan, we might have the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. You have a great selection of Astroworld caps to choose from, as the New Funny Embroidery Casual Dad Caps ASTROWORLD, Colors Letters Baseball cap oomph’s your casual dad into the trendiest one in the neighbourhood.

Moreover, the hats are a standard size which makes it a wardrobe essential, as it keeps the sun away from the eyes, so why wait on the Travis Scott Concert Tour 100% Cotton ASTROWORLD Baseball Cap for both sexes? Get your latest fashion trendsetters and be one step closer to being Instagram famous with your street fashion hat, Fashion Astroworld Beanie for Autumn Winter Letter Colorful Embroidery Warm. No more feeling chilly on the ears with your favourite Astroworld beanies stocked up at Stockloot.


Astroworld Hoodies:

Astroworld Hoodies are fire and worth spending every penny in your account, they are not only super fashionable but highly functional. The color palette is like a spectrum jumping from pastels to bright yellows and blues to classic matt black. All that you need is all that you get in your Royal Blue Travis Scott Astroworld Wish You Were Here Hoodies Fashion. So do not wait any longer to buy your durable hoodie with an inner viscose layer to make it comfy and warm.

We are head over heels over the super simplistic design of 2020 New Astroworld Look Mom I Can Fly Travis Scott Hoodie in the most beautiful cream color that will complement all skin tones and all ages. Travis knows how to cater to his diverse Ragers with high-quality streetwear to spice up their everyday style. Travis is mad legendary when it comes to creating something new, colorful, and graphic as he showcases his skills in his Astroworld collection.


Astroworld Phone Cases:

We are a generation that cannot survive without our phones, so get your spunky and out of the box silicone and glass phone cases for a variety of fans, as not a lot of celebrity merch caters to all phone users. Travis loves all his Ragers equally, so he has iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei phone cases. If you want something chic and practical for your Samsung Galaxy Plus Note 8, 9, 10 A70 A50 A40 A30 A20 Travis Scott Astroworld case. Moreover, for all the Sicko Mode on loop fanatics get your Travis Scott Huncho Jack Astroworld Tour Phone Case in the most economical price of $15 that will go a long way, just like your favourite Braided Rapper. Here at Stockloot, we can guarantee you will be the center of attention with your unique and brightly coloured Travis Scott Astroworld Hard Phone Cover Case for iPhone 5 5s SC SE 2020 6 6s.


Astroworld Shoes for the win:

Travis has hit milestones at quite an early age in his music career and the clothing industry with his unique eye-catching merchandise mixed with his Houston roots. His aesthetic appeals all ages, as supporters love his adrenaline-fueled stage presence and iconic shoe collection. So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Astroworld centered shoes. Our favorite is the Astroworld Printed High Top Canvas Shoes Cozy Sneakers Fashion Shoes and Scotts Astroworld Travis Funny Fashion Personality Sport Running Shoes at such an amazing discounted price at Stockloot. So, if you wanted running shoes or casual canvas shoes or just some chunky Astroworld Forced Sports Shoes we got you covered!


Astroworld t-shirts:

Saving the best for the last. Get your fire Astroworld t-shirts with colourful logos prints on the most comfortable cotton material t-shirts that can be paired up with any streetwear clothing. The diversity of the sizes manufactured is mind-blowing, as Travis has shown inclusivity and acceptance in his music and now the Astroworld merch. The Astroworld Travis Scott Astroworld 2020 Festival Running T-shirt Fashion is among the most coveted designs along with Astroworld New Fashion Hip Hop T-shirt Men Women Travis Scotts Harajuku T-shirts. Don’t be sad if you could not get your hands on the Reese’s Puffs cereal box with Travis plastered on it but you can get your Outsider Astroworld Travis Scott Logo Merch t-shirt before they too sell like hot buns.


Leap into pop culture fashionwear with none other than Travis Scott Astroworld Merch! Order now on Stockloot to get hands-on the limited-edition merch.