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Critical Role Merch

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Critical Role Introduction

To all the Critical Role fanatics who have been following the group of professional voiceover actors on Sundry Twitch channel and YouTube on their weekly web series, we have news. We regret to inform you that now Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific Time we would not be seeing our favourite bunch playing Dungeon & Dragons due to the quarantine, but there are a plethora of entertaining Critical Role episodes to binge-watch. If you were not aware of recent activities of Critical Role, they released their website to showcase their best Dungeon & Dragons battles. Moreover, you can get a sneak peek into the funny bloopers that they have not released on their YouTube channels: Critical Role and Geek & Sundry.

Initially, we know how both Geek & Sundry and Critical Role had been releasing content collectively, but in the second campaign both streamed live on their respective Twitch and YouTube channels. Thus, they were working under the same production, Critical Role Productions (LLC). The Dungeon & Dragons quests were exclusively aired on the Critical Role channel from 2019 under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer Travis Willingham, Chief Creative Officer Matthew Mercer, Creative Director Marisha Ray, Sr. Vice President of Marketing Rachel Romero and VP of Business Development Ben Van Der Fluit. The latest addition to the highly competent team is their new Marketing & Community Manager, Surena Marie.

Critical Role Streams

The team has not announced when the live broadcasts will continue, as Talks Machina and Critical Role streams have been suspended due to COVID-19. Critical Role had featured its first campaign with Vox Machina. To all the new followers and subscribers of this iconic series of conquests to find answers in Dungeons & Dragons Vox Machina is a bunch of adventures. The action packaged episodes were loved by fans, as Matthew Mercer is the most exciting Dungeon Master and Travis Willingham, Liam O’Brien, Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe; Sam Riegel and Orion Acaba are the players. Each player stayed true to the character they chose at the beginning of the stream, but Taliesin changed his character from Dragonborn paladin. In the later sessions, the beloved Marisha and Ashley joined the conquest as well.

Critical Role Show

The first time Critical Role began as a show was in March 2015, but the first campaign had begun 3 years ago. All the players are diehard fans of Dungeons & Dragons; henceforth, their dedication and passion spoke to many other geeks out there following them who passed each mission with teamwork in hard times. Eventually, Felicia Day had invited the bunch of Geeks to showcase their love and passion for Dungeons & Dragons on the Twitch Live Stream on Geek & Sundry. Arrival at Kraghammer is the first-ever episode they live-streamed and geeks went bonkers over their dedication, as the fanbase increased each day. The first campaign came to end with Vox Machina adventures finally finished after 2 and half years of struggle, bravery, compassion, and sacrifices. A total of 8 chapters and 115 episodes were released over the timespan with the last and most viewed episode, The Chapter Closes.

The group did not stop at the first campaign, as they began playing the three canonical one-shot games that highlighted the true essence of Vox Machina. Beginning of 2018 they released the teaser of their second campaign. Curious Beginnings was the first episode that was released, which is based on the story of Mighty Nein. A story that began 20 years after the Vox Machina Adventures in The Mystical World of Dungeons & Dragons.

Introduction to the Critical Role Merch

Just like all the players had played a session 0 before beginning their second quest, so they could get a feel of their characters and the setting for the best entertainment for fans online binging on their Dungeons & Dragon session. The same way fans want to feel the ultimate experience in their Vox Machina Apparel, best-selling Mighty Nein Accessories, Between the Sheets Collectibles and other iconic products from Yee-Haw Game. Thus, what are you waiting for? The Critical Role team has expanded globally with its new store launching in Australia with all its latest products. The players of Critical Role love to give back to the fans in the most heartwarming ways, as they tend to show the fan art sent to them and some are even used in the Critical Role Merch products.

The group of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons would have never thought that other players would love to see their adventures under their game master, Matthew Mercer. Now that they have transitioned from geeks playing in their living rooms to being actual celebrity Dungeon & Dragon players on the Twitch and YouTube Channels. They have gathered a bunch of million geeks to tune to their adventures every week. If this is not a screen presence, then we do not know what is? Because we are impressed with the voiceover actors to create the perfect setting to play Vox Machina and Mighty Nein’s storylines on their multi-platform entertainment sessions.

Not only is the Critical Role merch collection the perfect gift for your friends but also hot home décor items to create the mythical vibe you have been trying to give for a long time, so why not with the best custom-made designs? Here at Stockloot get your amazing t-shirts, posters, and much more all inspired by the adventures by the brilliant players. Get your hands on the All Work No Play Raglan Shirt before it is sold out. We know how you have been dying to get hands-on your very own classic Critical Role merch, so do not wait any longer we got what you wanted.

Our most in Demand Critical Role Merch Products

We love Critical Role for showing their support and using their platform to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Thus, helping fight injustice in games and real-life Critical Role has been on top of the list, so get your merch to show your support to the amazing bunch of friends there to entertain you on different social media platforms. So, if you have been in the search for the perfect Critical Role t-shirt to rock on your next play date with someone special, we might have just what you need.

Critical Role T-shirts:

If you wanted the perfect Critical Role t-shirt that accentuates your physique and makes you feel more like the Game Master, get your Critical Role Retro Ringer T-shirt. This is one of the most requested pieces among the Dungeon & Dragon fans, so get yours before they are sold out. For all the female geeks playing their favorite game and streaming Critical Role on Thursdays, the team has cooked up the most flattering skull graphic design to appease your Dungeon & Dragon style! The Whispered On Skull Shirt is now available in Black.

Critical Role Hoodies:

Thus, if you want something simple that gets the message across all the other players of your Dungeon & Dragon playdate, the How Do You Want to Do This hoodie is in stock. It has been handcrafted to fit you while the inner viscose layer makes it utmost comfortable on your Vox Machina Adventures. There is a plethora of Critical Role hoodie merch to choose from but one of our favorites is the Vox Machina Hoodie inspired from the first campaign of the amazing bunch of friends and their adventures. It has the most iconic print on the deep maroon hoodie, just under $60. Choose the best one that fits your Dungeon & Dragons character with the Stockloot mythical collection.

Critical Role Hat:

We are bearers of good news, as Critical Role Tal’ Dorei Republic Snapback Hat is back in stock. The most soothing heather grey baseball cap design has been missing from your Critical Role merch collection. Another highly awaited design, Critical Role Critter Cap is the perfect cap to beat the heat with style. It is inspired by the infamous Critical Role design, which was released from the first campaign and is used in the live shows, podcasts, and all the team has planned out.

Critical Role Essential Miniatures:

Like all board games, the conquests are inspired by mythical characters, and all Dungeon & Dragons fans want to own their pieces, whether they are from the first campaign or the second campaign. We are in love with a detailed miniature set, so what are you waiting for? Get your very own Critical Role Vox Machina Miniatures along with Critical Role Mighty Nein Miniatures, if you do not have both sets already. No Dungeon & Dragons fan’s collection is complete without their miniature collections. Get them at a bargain of a price at Stockloot.

Critical Role Accessories:

Constantly losing your keys. Well, we have the perfect solution, The Critical Role Spinning Keychain. Yes, you heard us right! It is one of the most beautifully crafted keychains we have seen with great attention to detail and adding the spinning feature, so you would never forget your keys. Also, if you wanted to oomph up your room with something mythical and extraordinary, get your Critical Role Tal’ Dorei Minky Blanket. This blanket has been blessed by the game master, so you can win your conquests without getting in a lot of trouble.

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