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Game Grumps Merch

Game Grumps Merch

Formed byJon Jafari and Arin Hanson (also famous as JonTron and Ergoraptor respectively), Game Grumps started as a channel when a video of both the creators playing Kirby Super Star was put up on YouTube, in 2012. Often at times, both Jafari and Hanson have told that they came up with the concept for the channel when the two were debating over the fact that whether the fighting styles of Wolf from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Fox were alike or not. Therefore, when Ross O’Donovan informed the pair that they had a habit to be “grumpy” with one another because of video games, Hanson decided that it would be a great idea to create a podcast based on this very notion. However, the show eventually turned into a YouTube video series and gained success through that instead of a podcast.

When Jon Jafari bid his goodbyes to the show to direct his attention towards his own YouTube channel ‘Jon Tron’ in 2013, he was replaced by Avidan. Now presented by Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson, the Game Grumps channel revolves around creating videos in which the presenters play different video games while sweetening it up with some comedy. At present, the Game Grumps YouTube channel functions perfectly under the control of JETPAK.

Game Grumps Entertainments

Furthermore, the Game Grumps episodes have a set pattern to them. They commonly consist of two (or more than two) presenters playing a video game while commenting on it. In addition to this, the presenters also discuss their knowledge, involvement, and views regarding the game. Moreover, they not only talk about the game but also about topics that are not related to it e.g. different life stories, etc. and/or personal experiences. Most of the games played on the show are selected based on recommendations sent in by fans. In most cases, the fans send the games to the Grumps’ mailing address in California. The channel normally puts up two or three episodes daily. The games that are long result in a continuing series that is broadcasted until the entire game is finished. In some cases, the hosts take part and contest against each other in multiplayer games, and call it the‘ Game Grumps VS series’. Despite the fact that the episodes mostly contain two or more people, there are certain episodes that only solely consist of Hanson or Avidan.

In addition to this, ever since Jon Jafari left Game Grumps, the channel has developed and grown to involve other hosts, apart from the main two, who have breezed in and out of the channel with time in some off-shoot series. These hosts include Ross O’Donovan, Brian Wecht, Suzy Berhow, and Barry Kramer, together with a few different guest hosts as well. Furthermore, in addition to writing the young adult novel The Secret of the Grande Chateau and Ghost Hunters Adventure Club, Game Grumps has also created and released two original video games, Soviet Jump Game and Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Since March 2020, Game Grumps has acquired more than 5.23 million subscribers and more than 5 billion total views on their videos.

Game Grumps Launch Official Merch

Apart from doing charity, it is very common to release your merch in the YouTube world. YouTubers are not just there for entertainment purposes, they are also popular trendsetters. When it comes to the fashion world, the YouTube community is not far behind. People love to follow and wear what their favourite YouTubers are wearing. In addition to this, YouTubers often release merch based on their brand. This not only helps in generating more revenue but also in increasing their popularity. Game Grumps also has released some merch. They have a lot of merch products that you can purchase. And what better place to do so other than Stockloot. The most famous products from their merchandise are t-shirts and hoodies. If you are a Game Grumps fan, then you should definitely head over to Stockloot to get your hands on their popular merch.

Top Products

Are you searching for some top products from the Game Grumps merch? Then you have come to the right place. We have got you covered by providing you with the best items under one roof. We guarantee the authenticity of the products and assure you that you will not be disappointed. Some of the popular Game Grumps items are mentioned below:


Tired of all the boring old t-shirts in your closet? Are you in need of some serious wardrobe makeover to spice up your life? Then what are you waiting for? The Game Grumps merch is the perfect option for you. The high-quality t-shirts have some excellent graphics to ensure that you look your best. Some of these amazing shirts are Game Gyaru – Manga Ch. 2 – Unisex Raglan Shirt, Game Grumps Classic Unisex Tshirt, and Ghost Hunters Adventure Club – “I Am A Fan of Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills” Unisex Pocket Tee. These shirts come in a standard size and are perfect for both men and women. The prices range from $24 – $30. They are made from excellent quality materials whether it is cotton or polyester. Thus, making them very comfortable.


What better feeling is there to wear comfortable hoodie or sweatshirt and watch movies all day. Grab the best Game Grumps hoodies now from Stockloot. A few of the more popular hoodies are The Avidan Tree Pullover hoodie, The Game Grumps Pullover Hoodie, and The Anime Girl Lightweight Sweatshirt. These hoodies and sweatshirts are great for your everyday life because they are super comfy. However, the price ranges from about $35 – $55. So, if you are someone who is on a tight budget, then you should definitely think twice before buying these. On the other hand, the t-shirts are still very reasonable. Thus, if you truly are a Game Grumps fan, then head over to the t-shirt section to get your hands on one of their merch products.


What better way to add some spark to a plain outfit by wearing a hat? It immediately turns an outfit from zero to ten. Moreover, a hat also keeps you protected from harsh weather conditions. The famous Game Grumps hats are Game Grumps – Katakana Flat Brim Snapback Hat for $35 and the Game Grumps – Blue Beanie for $20. The snapback can be worn to watch a casual match of baseball while the beanie will surely keep you warm in the cold weather. The hats have a standard size that fits everyone. As a Game Grumps, fan, these hats are definitely a must-have.


The Game Grumps – Burgie Socks and the Game Grumps – Grump Head Socks are very popular. Available in sharp and striking colors, these socks are a must-have. The socks are made from top quality to ensure that no expense is spared on the quality. Moreover, the price ranges from around $15 – $18. Thus, making this product quite feasible and easy on the pocket. Moreover, the socks are available in a standard size so that they can fit everyone. Now you can keep your feet warm and stay comfortable in these soft socks on a cold winter night.


Enamel pins are just the item to add a little spice to your outfit. You can either wear these pins on your blazer or even attach them to a bag. In addition to this, they also make a wonderful gift. Thus, if you know of a die-hard Game Grumps fan, then you can get these enamel pins for him/her. The Cheeseman Memorial Pin, ARPEEGEES Wave 1 Blind Bag – 3 RANDOM PINS, and Ghost Hunters Adventure Club – Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills Fan Society Enamel Pin, are a few popular enamel pins from the merch. These pins range from $10 – $25.


A child’s most favorite thing is to play with stickers. The Game Grumps merch has a classic sticker set namely: Game Grumps – Classic Sticker Set. This set only retails for $10. Thus, if nothing else, then this sticker set is surely something that you can buy without disturbing your set budget. You can use these stickers to decorate your laptop, phone, or any other item that you wish.


Ever heard of the phrase that books are a man’s best friend? Game Grumps has also published two books. You can get your hands on these books in the Game Grumps section on Stockloot. Gift these books to a friend or keep them for yourself, either way, we can guarantee that you will absolutely love the stories. The books are: Ghost Hunters Adventure Club and The Secret of the Grande Chateau – SIGNED Hardcover Book and Dream Daddy – a Dad Dating Comic Book SIGNED. What better thing is there than a signed copy of a book from your favourite YouTuber? Get your signed copy now and enjoy it!


So, what are you waiting for now? Head over to Stockloot right this minute to purchase your favourite items from the Game Grumps merch. You don’t want to miss out!