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Game Theory Merch

Game Theory Merch

The Game Theory, or The Game Theorists, is a YouTube web-series that was both created and narrated by Matthew Patrick. Born on the 15th of November 1986, Matthew Robert Patrick goes by the screen name of MatPat. He is a live streamer, a media researcher, and a theorist and his first major channel were The Game Theorists with Game Theory being its main show. In this web-series, he talked about subjects revolving around logic and scientific validity, but all of this keeping the gaming industry in mind. The first episode of Game Theory was uploaded on the 18th of April 2011 and it talked about the close bond between reality and gaming, but in the light of math, science and culture.

He has uploaded videos where he discussed Nintendo characters. Moreover, games like Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Call of Duty and Pokemon, have also been really popular on his channel. It is also interesting to note that The Game Theorists has hosted multiple spinoffs and various separate shows as well. What makes his channel different from other content on YouTube is that instead of just playing and commenting on video games, he analyses them in-depth and forms theories about them. Considering that most of his viewers are also teenagers, it is good that he provides an educational experience as well by linking science, history, and philosophy to the video game’s lore. Because of its state-of-the-art content, the channel has acquired over 10 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views.

What do you know about Game Theory?

When YouTube restructured their ad revenue shares, it had a huge impact on many content creators; most of them lost large revenue (up to 80 %) on their channel. Therefore, it was only natural that they look at other options to earn money and pay the bills. During this time, many YouTubers resorted to Patreon where subscribers could directly fund their favourite creator, and most of them also made a Twitch account, a platform that matched YouTube. However, the trend that accelerated the most especially the world of having offline businesses was that of launching your merch.

With changing algorithms and advertisers becoming more interested in where and when their ads appear on YouTube, YouTubers are forced to adapt. However, besides that, it is also a far easier and safer option for content creators to come up with their merchandise, along giving them a certain sense of freedom and the ability to connect with their fans at a personal level.

Game Theory Channel

On the 22nd of November 2014, MatPat uploaded a video on his channel The Game Theorists called, ‘The Super Amazing Game Theory Merch Store’. This was the 86th episode of the popular show Game Theory on the channel. This video was the announcement of the release of his merch that had a wide variety of items ranging from high-quality clothes to affordable mobile cases and water bottles. It is also interesting to note how he has introduced items in his merch that grasp the attention of his audience. For example, MatPat introduced The Game Theory Merch Mystery which didn’t just have new and cool items but also included a puzzle for his Theorist community to solve.

Give your wardrobe a makeover with the Game Theory merch

If you have a very chill and laid back fashion style, then the Game Theory Merch will be perfect for you. Just like MatPat’s cool and comfy aura and sense of style, his merch will make sure that you remain comfortable. With the fashion industry taking new twists and turns every day and trends changing as the clock ticks, it is very important for you to find your groove and do your own thing. It is always better to wear something comfortable. The best part about street style is that it gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want however you want. This freedom allows you to even wear sweatpants and a hoodie when you go out to run errands. And Game Theory Merch has the perfect items for you to jazz up your street style.

We know that it feels the absolute worst when you are unable to find merch from your favourite Youtuber. As a fan, you want to support them by purchasing their merch. However, it gets super frustrating when you do not find your desired products. If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, then do not worry anymore. Stockloot has got you covered. Just head over to our Game Theory Merch Section to find some of the top products that you are looking for. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. You will come back for more!

Top Products from Game Theory Merch on Stockloot

Some of the best products from the Game Theory Merch are listed below. Get your hands on them now before it is too late:

Sweatshirts and Hoodies:

Street style has made it normal to wear a casual sweatshirt or hoodie paired with some classic sweatpants to the mall or even if you are going out for lunch. Spice up your wardrobe and give a whole new meaning to street style with the Game Theory Merch Hoodies and Sweatshirts. Some of the most popular items from this category are: Who Cares Zip-Up Hoodie, Common Sense Hoodie, and “We Got Your Back” Hoodie. The Common Sense Hoodie is also available in different colours. These hoodies retail for almost $40 – $45. Furthermore, the colourful and interesting graphics on all the hoodies will surely make heads turn.

Tops and Tees:

A wide variety of tops and tees are available from the Game Theory Merch on Stockloot. These casual t-shirts not only look great with sweatpants but also a pair of good jeans. Grab your favourite Game Theory tee and pair it up with some classic mom jeans and killer boots and you will rock the street style like nobody’s business. Some of the most popular t-shirts are: Glow in the Dark Circuit Tee Remastered, Pretentious T-Shirt, and Don’t Be So Judgy T-Shirt. Moreover, these t-shirts have some cool features, for example, the Glow in the Dark Circuit Tee glows in the dark. How cool is that! You do not want to miss out on glowing the t-shirt now, do you? So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Game Theory section right now and shop away.

Bottoms – Classic Joggers and Comfy Lounge Pants:

Lounge Pants are always so comfortable that you never want to change out of them. The best part is that as the fashion world is coming to terms with inclusivity and streetwear, you do not have to put your comfort at stake. Just pair up the lounge pants with a t-shirt and some chunky sneakers and you are good to go. Whether it is to grab lunch or meet a friend, you can make this comfortable look at your signature style. The Looking Up Jogger, Skeletons Lounge Pants, Theorist Lounge Pants, and Live-to-Lounge Logo Pants are all very popular with the customers. So, get your favourite pair of bottoms right now and live a comfortable yet fashionable life.

Bags and Backpacks:

Game Theory does not only have adult fans, but kids also love to watch the videos uploaded on the channel. Thus, the backpacks are a great back to school item for kids. Having a few of their favourite items for school makes them want to go to school even more. The Game Theory Heavy Duty Stealth Backpack that retails for almost $66 is very popular. It is quite spacious and is not only good for school going children but also for those who go to college. The simple design with a pop of some green colour here and there makes the backpack very stylish and eye-catching.

Hats and Accessories:

A good hat and some chic accessories can immediately make an outfit go from zero to ten within seconds. The 2Hype Snapback Hat, Common Sense Snapback Hat, Have a Great Day Shoes, and The Stay Hydrated Water bottle are all very popular and in-demand hats and accessories from the Game Theory Merch. These products will surely add that missing X-Factor to your outfit. Furthermore, these accessories also make the perfect gift items to make your friends and family happy. Go check out the Game Theory Merch on Stockloot for more products.

Socks and Undies:

Comfortable socks and undies are a must especially to keep you warm during the winters. Game Theory merch has got you covered for these products as well. The Sublimated Game Theory Crew Sock, 3 Pair Common Sense Sock Bundle, 2-Pack Molecular Boy Shorts, 

and Men’s Pretentious Boxer Briefs are some popular products. They are made from some excellent and 100% pure materials to ensure the customers’ maximum comfort.


Game Theory Merch has some excellent products and Stockloot is the best place to get all these products under one roof. We guarantee that you will have the best shopping experience.