Lil Peep Overview

Lil Peep or Gustav Elijah Åhr was a singer, songwriter, rapper, and a model who through his music was one of the pioneers of emo revival style of rap and music. Credited as one of the leading figures of Generation Z, Lil peep had a major influence and was an inspiration for the youth and particularly the outcasts of the culture. Lil Peep entered the world of music at a very young age and through online platforms, such as Youtube and Sound Cloud, he got a kick start for his career.

His interest in emo rap and the revival of the emo-rap pop culture in music made him particularly famous amongst other young rappers of his time. With an unnerving sense of music, Lil Peep was not too far behind in the fashion industry either. With an active interest in fashion, he was often invited to fashion shows by the biggest brands of the country, and his influence over the youth was harvested well through his fashion sense and branding.

His ideas were not only unorthodox to the music industry but his fashion sense was also quite remarkable and unique. With his funky, hip-hop, and trendy looks, he was often known as the ‘trendsetter.’ Being a model, he knew how to pull things off and his style of fashion was followed by many fans all around the world. Lil Peep, being the trendsetter that he was, introduced a lot of crazy ideas in the world of music and fashion, and this is what makes his legacy so great. Despite his struggles, he still came through with achieving what he wanted and his untimely demise was shocking for his fans all around the world who have since then, paid a tribute to his legacy and his life through various means.

Lil Peep Merch Intro 

At Stockloot, the Lil Peep Merch has to be one of the most versatile merchandises ever. Ranging from Crop tops, hats, hoodies, jackets, shirts and even sweatpants, our Lil Peep Merchandise has it all! With a wide variety of products and colours, the merchandise is fit for everyone. Each piece either pays tribute to his legacy, his life, or remembers his death; a true fan would definitely know the worth of it all!

With graphics that entice the creative artist inside you and Lil Peep inspired pictures, doodles, and taglines, every piece is a piece of art and its availability in multiple color options makes it even better. Being one of the most versatile and wide-ranged merchandise at Stockloot, the Lil Peep merchandise has apparel that will not only set you apart from everyone else but will also make you fall in love with every trendy apparel that you set your eyes on. With various options and choices, everyone will find something that they love and something that will make them remember Lil Peep for the legend that he was and for the life that he spent in the world.

Lil Peep Merch at Stockloot- The best out of the lot! 

Caps and Beanies: 

The Lil Peep Merch has introduced some trendy beanies and caps with embroidered logos that seem like they came out of a comic doodle movie! With the famous sad face and angry girl logo, each beanie or cap is definitely going to leave a hipster and trendy impression on everyone you meet. Some of our favourites are the Angry Girl embroidered beanie with Lil Peep written on top along with the Sad face embroidered cap because of its simplistic and monochrome look.

Hoodies and Jackets:

Yet again, hoodies are the highlight of this merchandise and many others at Stockloot! With two iconic designs, the hoodies have surpassed every other category of apparel. The Hot Rapper XXXTentacion Lil Peep 3D Hoodie sweatshirt men/women is the most unique design of this merchandise. With a collaboration of two young rappers who had an untimely death, this hoodie is a strong gesture of tribute for both of them. A true fan would know how much this hoodie is worth!

Apart from the design, the 3D graphics are vibrant and absolutely amazing. The second hoodie of the collection that we love is the XXXTentacion jacket Hip Hop hoodie which has a mix of print and graphics that will make you fall in love with it! Available at just $41.99 each with a wide range of color and design variations to choose from, these hoodies are definitely a steal!

Similar yet different are the Jackets in the Lil peep merchandise. Traditional varsity jackets with taglines, lyrics and logos printed throughout are the coolest jackets that we’ve ever seen. Our favourite is the Hellboy Rip jean Lil Peep jacket and its multiple color options.

Crop tops:

Advancing from the range of hoodies, a newer and trendier option is the crop top! With various design options, cuts, and styles, the crop tops available at the Lil peep merchandise are all our favourites. With a spectrum of colours and trendy graphics that tie together Lil Peep’s life and legacy, our crop tops are definitely going to make you look fabulous no matter how you style it! Some of our favourites are the Rapper Lil Peep Love Crop Top Sweaters, the Lil Peep Crop Top 3D Print and the Hellboy Lil Peep Crop Top Hoodie just because they are so out-of-the-box and classy while being chic and trendy!


If you are aware of what a sweatpant is, you’re already halfway there on the road to coolness! Sweatpants are the new ‘in’ thing and everyone can be seen wearing them everywhere. They are the most comfortable pants to ever exist on earth and to own a pair from a Lil Peep merchandise makes it even better! With a casual look and minimalistic design, our Lil Peep sweatpants will definitely throw in some casual coolness to your wardrobe and you can feel great just wearing it! Some of our favourites are the Lil Peep Sad face sweatpants, The Lil Peep sweatpants crybaby, and the Peep show sweatpants.

Lil peep was a legend and has left behind a legacy for people to follow for years and they are. With such a vast music career at such a young age, Lil Peep has been an inspiration for the youth in achieving whatever they set their minds to and his legacy will truly live on.