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Misfits Merch

Misfits Intro

The Misfits, whose name is known to be inspired by the title of Marilyn Monroe’s last film, was formed in April of 1977, in Lodi, New Jersey. With a set of hot-headed youngsters who strived to be punk rock artists, the band took off and was a huge success in its early years. Today, after almost 30 years of the emergence of the band, people are still in love with it. Some love the songs, some love the singers whereas most love the Skull-headed mascot that was mainly the face of the brand and went viral as soon as it was released with the brand name Misfits Merch.

While the band explored multiple avenues of singing such as ballads, trashes, heavy metal and death metal, it is mostly remembered as a ‘horror punk band.’ Why is that? Maybe because everything about the brand, from its artists, mascot, their looks and their merchandise, relates to the horror punk theme more than anything else and this has been the most defining look of the Misfits.

While the songs and the artists kept the band going, the strongest element was the mascot! The Crimson Ghost or the ‘Fiend Skull’ was the most popular element of the band and even the people who had no idea what the Misfits was, loved the Crimson Ghost and were crazy about it.

Spread throughout the world, this mascot not only made the Misfits viral but it also came together as the most unifying glue of the band even 30 years and multiple breakups later. The fiend skull was everywhere and everyone knew about it, from T-shirts to skateboard stickers and even chocolate wrappers!

Misfits Merch Collection

The Misfits merch at Stockloot is just as trendy and powerful as the band itself is. With influence over millions of people throughout 30 years, the merchandise had to step up to come hand in hand with the legend itself! Just like the Misfits varied through different music genres, art and artists, its merchandise at Stockloot also follows the same footsteps. With a varied range of hoodies, hats, shirts and sweatshirts along with multiple colour variations and design options are a must-have for everyone who has ever listened to Misfits and danced to their music.

The apparel in the Misfits merchandise does not only have cool graphics but it also has an amazing quality which will make you fall in love with its comfort! The casual tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and caps are perfect for every hangout whether it’s with friends or family! And the best part is, everyone will know what you’re wearing! That is bound to leave a bold fashion statement and a cool impression on everyone you meet!

Trending Misfits Merch


Hats have been the trendiest fashion element for as long as we can remember. What started as a sign of high stature and royalty has now become a lot more cool and casual but it remains a fashion statement. In our Misfits Merch, we have a range of hats with the infamous Fiend Skull printed on top, but that’s not it! Every graphic is unique and every hat is different. With colours ranging from black, blue, red, pink and yellow, the merchandise proves that a vibrant colour never made anything less spooky! Moreover, our best choices from the lot are the ‘Black color with white logo text Misfit Hat’ because of its cool graphic and tagline which brings an array of goosebumps along with a little laughter.

Another one of our favorites has to be the ‘Pink color with red and white text logo original misfit hat’ because of its trendy color and spooky graphic that is the original fiend skull that appeared as the misfit mascot in its earliest concerts and gig posters! There is definitely a blend of sweet and spooky in this one! Last, but not the least is the ‘Blue color with white logo text Misfit hat’ what do we love this one for? Mainly because of its graphic logo along with its simplicity. The logo blends in perfectly with the color and this hat will definitely be one to remember.


Hoodies are always the perfect solution to all your fashion disasters because a hoodie can never go wrong! Whether you have to meet family or friends or just hang out at your college, a cool hoodie is the way to go! At Stockloot, our Misfits Merchandise hoodies will help uplift your mood because of how good they will look once you put them on! Apart from looks, let’s talk about comfort. With high-quality fabrics and a seamless finish, our hoodies would be your go-to for every outing. With prints on the back and the front, these hoodies will set you apart from everyone else.

More importantly, the Fiend Skull is present in all of them. With a fiend skull logo, a cool tagline and a catchy colour, these hoodies are bound to take you back to the Horror punk Misfits times in all its originality. Our favourites are the ‘Black colour with red and white text logo misfit hoodie’ with the spooky graphic and tagline ‘The devils’ rain,’ along with the classic and timeless Crimson Ghost logo in a variety of colours like black, blue and red along with the option of a pull-over or a zipper!


While hoodies are a perfect option when it is chilly, a T-shirt can never disappoint you when it comes to the warm, summer breezes under the sun! At Stockloot, our Misfits T-shirts are a hit mainly because of their graphics and logos! Every graphic is intricately designed to be unique while taking you back to the days of the Misfit band. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the misfit merchandise mainly consisted of T-shirts and tank tops with amazing graphics about the fiend skull. Even the singers and artists of the band wore them and they were the talk of the town. Some of our favourites are the ‘Blue and Green color with Red Logo Misfit shirt’ and the ‘Green color with red logo misfit shirt’. Along with amazing quality and a cool color, these T-shirts have some of the most amazing graphics paired up with catchy taglines that are spooky as well as trendy and it all just takes us back to the band that everyone loved! Horror punk rock wasn’t their only thing but it was definitely something that they were best at!


What do you do when you don’t want to go for a hoodie or a T-shirt? You go for a sweatshirt!

A sweatshirt is a perfect piece of apparel, designed to fit every occasion and every weather. Whether it is summers or winters, a family gathering or a hangout with friends, a sweatshirt will never disappoint you! And if it has a misfit mascot on top, that just makes everything a lot better for everyone! Keeping up with the Stockloot Misfits merchandise, our sweatshirts have maintained the level of quality, awesome-ness and cool-ness that our collection reflects. These pieces of apparel are something that you will never regret buying. Some of our favourites in this category are the ‘White and grey with red logo misfits sweatshirt’ and the ‘ Black and green misfits logo sweatshirt.’ What we love about these pieces are the unique and trendy logos printed on top of them. While hinting towards Misfits with its traditional fiend skull mascot, these designs have much more to them!

The Misfits have been the best horror punk band of their time and despite issues and breakups, the band has always come back together stronger and that is why it is still alive in the hearts of people 30 years later. With its spooky mascot and taglines, the Misfits merchandise is timeless, trendy and will never go out of fashion!