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Pewdiepie Merch

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Pewdiepie Intro

Felix Kjellberg, famously known by the ‘shooting laser-sound’ inspired name, Pewdiepie, is a Youtube sensation, influencer, and philanthropist whose net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. He is one of the most popular and highest-earning Youtubers around the world and has been mentioned in Forbes magazine as well! With a raging passion for video games, Kjellberg started his Youtube channel in 2010, and today, 10 years later he has broken all records and is the most followed Youtuber in the world. Who knew his videos would go so viral around the world that he would hit his first 60,000 subscribers in a year which infinitely multiplies to around 19 million subscribers in 2013! ‘Pewdiepie’ as the name suggests, is filled with a creative vision and he can turn things around with his creativity and uniqueness.

What started as a Youtube channel of play-by-plays video games and color commentary has evolved into Vlog series, soundtracks and many more collaborations throughout the years. He has even written a book and made his video games! How cool is that?

With his ‘Bro Fist Bumps’ to the camera and his messages to ‘Stay Awesome,’ his audience is crazier than ever for his work and his ever-growing views and subscribers are proof of that.

Pewdiepie is an internet sensation and everyone knows about him. With such a massive influence, his fans are always looking up to him for the latest trends, inspirations, and ideas because his creativity beats everyone else’s minds.

Merch OverView

Jumping on the bandwagon of being star-struck, here at Stockloot, our Pewdiepie Merchandise is loaded with top-notch hoodies, beanies, jackets, sweatshirts and what not!

Every item is crafted with the best quality fabrics and the most trendy designs so that you are up to date with the world while making a great impression and laying down a strong fashion statement amongst your friends and family. Our apparel is not only high quality but it is also available at the best prices which makes it a win-win situation for everyone!

A hoodie or a sweatshirt is everyone’s go-to apparel whether it’s a party, a plan with friends or even a family get together. With a trendy exterior and a soft and cozy interior, we know how much easy-to-wear apparels matter to everyone, and to find the right piece is a blessing in disguise. No matter where you have to go, a hoodie, t-shirt, or a sweatshirt paired with a cap, beanie and sneakers will always be the right thing to wear, and to get the best ones in town, check our collection!

Looking at the trendsetters, we know that apparel needs to look as good as it feels and this is why we have joined together all our creative minds to come up with trendy, up-to-date, and cool designs and graphics that are bound to leave you surprised!

Who doesn’t enjoy wearing a hoodie with a cool tagline or graphic that will leave a powerful fashion statement while being cozy and comfortable?

Pewdiepie; The trendiest merchandise at Stockloot

Our Pewdiepie merchandise ranges through an array of products from hoodies to sweatshirts, t-shirts, sneakers, caps, and beanies and each one of these are crafted in the best possible way to compliment your trendiest looks!


Our Pewdiepie hoodies are our bestsellers and why would they not be? With catchy taglines, cool designs, and graphics, these hoodies are bound to make you look great. With a range of variations from taglines, graphics texts, and even images, our hoodies compliment every person and its quality is of utmost importance with comfort, inside and out! How can we miss out on the ‘‘Brofist’ Pewdiepie Merch Hoodie’ when we talk about Pewdiepie? This hoodie is available in 3 colours that look incredible with the tagline printed on the front which is bound to leave a cool statement about you.

At a discounted price of just $49.99, this hoodie is worth it, not only with its design but its quality as well! With the star’s face digitalized and printed on the front of this hoodie, our Pewdiepie Image hoodie just adds wonders to the design lot. Instead of having the star’s art on this hoodie, the star himself is the ‘art’. Owing to the star’s uniqueness and creativity, this design is also one of a kind. This design speaks for itself for being one of the most amazing designs of this merchandise. Available in the colours red, black, and blue, this hoodie is an amazing deal to get for just $59.99. How can a true fan NOT buy this at first glance?

Brofist Pewdiepie Merch Hoodie

Hats & Beanies

Our merchandise is not only limited to clothes but also includes top-notch hats and beanies. With trendy logo designs and texts that catch everyone’s eye, our Pewdiepie inspired hats and beanies will compliment you during the summers under the hot, blazing sun as well as the winters during the cold, chilly breezes. Some of our bests are the Pewdiepie Smash logo beanies and hats as well as the numerous other design options made with amazing quality and a high-class finish.

Pewdiepie Smash Logo Beanie


Our creativity doesn’t stop at hoodies, in our merchandise we have a range of jackets available as well! From Denim to Varsity and casual jersey jackets, we have it all. With their amazing prices, they are a steal for anyone and everyone! Ranging from simplistic text to logos as well as a plain denim jacket, we have something for everyone to like!

Men Denim Jacket Pewdiepie

Long Sleeves T-shirts

T-shirts have remained in fashion since as long as we can remember and we are focused on keeping this fashion trend alive. With high-quality graphics and trendy taglines along with Pewdiepie’s images and viral content, our long sleeve t-shirts are going to add that spark in your casual wardrobes and you will not regret it! With taglines such as ‘Don’t be a Salad, be the best damn broccoli you can ever be’ and a combination of logos and taglines such as the ‘BroFist’ T-shirt in amazing colour options, you are going to leave a mark with your fashion sense on everyone you meet!

Brofist Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Everyone wants to wear clothes that match the cool vibe that they have! Our t-shirts have been designed just for that. Apart from its quality, graphics, logos, and taglines, our t-shirts just give off that ‘cool’ vibe that we all strive for. Whether it’s our Pewdiepie Dabbing Kill men’s t-shirt or our Pewdiepie Meme Review t-shirt, every one of it is in-line with the latest fashion trends and content.

Pewdiepie Dabbing Kill Men’s T-Shirt


What do you do when it’s too cold for a T-shirt yet too hot for a hoodie? The best option for every event, whether you have to go out with friends or family, a sweatshirt is a perfect choice. With several design options, our sweatshirt collection will leave you wanting more every time to look at it. Following the star, our Pewdiepie merchandise sweatshirts are classy yet creative, with a style that will come to the top of your wardrobe options.

Rewind Black Color With Green Text Pewdiepie Sweatshirt


Last but not the least, shoes! How can your outfit be complete without the most trendy and cool shoes that you own? For most people, their shoes are the most important apparel from their wardrobe and we couldn’t agree more. With a shoe collection of the Pewdiepie merchandise ranging from a collection of authentic whites and blacks alongside some designs with a twist like the ‘Flame Old Skool,’ we have something for everyone, and wearing these will leave the best impression that you can think of.

Pewdiepie has been a sensation for the youth and the merchandise that follows him cannot be anything less than that. With high-quality fabrics, dyes, and graphics, StockLoot’s Pewdiepie Merchandise are crafted and designed to fulfill quality and class for its customers as well as living up to the name of the Youtube legend.

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