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Travis Scott Merch

Attention Travis Scott in the House

Rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer what is next? Just like all the Ragers, we are waiting for the next sensational album from the American Rapper that has fused classic hip hop, rap, and lo-fi music with a dash of Jacques in the mix. Well, if you were not aware of Travis Scott’s real name, it is Jacques Berman Webster II. Wondering how he cooked up the most sophisticated name? Well, his stage name, Travis Scott is inspired by two special people in his life. Travis was his uncle who was someone the Astroworld Rapper used to look up to as a kid, as he was jacked up with all the swag in the neighborhood.

In the first part Scott is inspired by his favorite artist, Kid Cudi who Travis had the chance to produce music with. This man is just charismatic, as he has remained true to his roots in his music with his first album, Rodeo. Since he is a country boy from Houston, Texas no one would have ever thought his musical style would be an Astroworld fusion of alternative hip hop, trap, and traditional hip hop with the sneak attack of autotuning his voice. The autotune gives Travis a different tone during his songs, so if you meet him in real life and his voice is nothing like the songs do not be alarmed. One of the Ragers had the same experience when they heard the deep voice of Travis.

Moreover, all the big rappers in the music industry are using autotune to create the tune they need to create the perfect rap, so no need to be all judgmental and quick to start extensive sound engineering research. Also, Travis has claimed that he uses less autotune, so relax and enjoy the sick beats! Travis from an early age wanted to make music, so he began chasing his dream to create music as a teenager. Chris Holloway and Travis Scott duo were known as the Graduate and they released music together in college. Soon after dropping out of college, Scott followed his true calling and moved to Los Angeles on the quest to record his music. The courage to follow came from his supportive Uncle Travis, as he comes from a family of musicians.

Travis’s father is a soul musician and grandfather was a jazz enthusiast. But his parents were not thrilled about him dropping out of the University of Texas-San Antonio and disappointed by Travis’s life choice they eventually cut him off financially. Even though Travis had seen a lot of crazy things in the hood while living with his grandmother, he knew he had to find a way out of the hunger and grim in the neighborhood, which meant he had to have his plans well thought out to become financially stable.

Ultimately, dropping out of school and pursuing his aspirations paid off but Travis had to struggle like any other artist. But initially, the risk did not seem worth it, as he experienced financial issues, disputes in the duo, failed relocation plans, and much more. Travis had a lot on his plate that he had to handle all alone. He thought of moving back to his parents, but they too kicked him out of their home in Houston, so he had to move back to Los Angeles and crashed on his friend’s couch. When it seemed like all doors were shutting on him, he had his meeting with T. I. label, and it was a success. Owl Pharaoh was his first mixtape followed by Days Before Rodeo before he was taken under the mentorship of the legendary Kanye West.

Travis Scott’s Iconic Merch Collection

Travis Scott’s journey to success is highly motivational and inspirational, as a young artist breaks free from the shackles of the society to be the perfect kid following the same plan as everyone else. This surely does not mean anyone of us is not doing what we love by following the plan, but instead, it shows how Travis was passionate about creating nothing but the heart touching music and producing eye-catching music videos.

Thus, let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for Travis Scott Merch. The wait is finally over, as Travis launched his killer Astroworld merch around the corner and we are head over heels over all the variety. Not only is it loaded with fire hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, hats, accessories, and phone cases, what more could a Rager ask for? Well, Travis himself obviously but till that wish does not come true let’s get our hands on the Stockloot Travis Scott Merch. Each item has been created to perfection because Travis speaks and works no other language than perfection.

Not to forget how he paid a tribute to his hometown, Houston with the Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly. He has elevated his hoodies and t-shirt aesthetics with Look Mom I Can Fly prints and embroideries for all the Houston Ragers. Travis’s merch is album centered or something close to his heart like his uncle, Houston, and Astroworld Theme Park. All the classic Wish You Were Here merch products have been handcrafted to finesse that has somewhat linked with Pink Floyd. We all know how Travis tends to release merch with the release of new music, so we are not sure when he is going to drop another out of the world album. Till then let’s just enjoy our already existing merch.

Stockloot just blessed Ragers with the Best of Travis Scott Merch

Do not waste any time before you lose the chance to wear the trendy collection because there is a high demand for all the cool and creative ways to showcase a tagline or graphic icon in a fashionable way. Be among the trendsetters with your comfortable, yet fashion-forward Travis Scott Merch that ranges through accessories to compliment the up-to-date streetwear.

Travis Scott T-shirts:

Looking for something colorful and super comfortable? Stop your search because the Astroworld Travis Scott Astroworld 2020 Festival Running T-shirt Fashion is all you need. The rainbow color tie-dye captures the infectious energy of Travis’s stage aura and finesses in music, as he adds graphic design to add more depth to the t-shirt. Moreover, Kylie Jenner featured one of the most iconic t-shirts in the collection, Women Travis Scott’s Astroworld Print Logo Couple Lover T-shirts that you can get for your partner and yourself. The shirt has a beautiful message on it with the subtle smiley face on the earth along with “Put on a happy face” design next to it.

Travis Scott Accessories:

We know how everything has to be perfect from head to toe, so let’s take a closer look at what Stockloot has in store. If you were searching for your very own Travis Scott Earphone Case do hunt further. You can get your Astroworld case with Wish you were here printed below the logo, so each time you take out earbuds you play your favorite artist.

Travis Scott Hoodies:

We have been blessed with this mad genius producing, singing, rapping, and now, creating the most fashion-forward streetwear that has simplistic designs or something so out of the box that no one can keep their hands to themselves. Thus, if any Rager who had been in a search of a Travis Scott merch product that was fit to their simple taste, you need your Travis Scotts Astroworld Hoodies Man the Embroidery Letter Print Swag at the most exceptional price of $40. So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss out on the chance to get a high-quality hoodie at just $40.00. Moreover, Travis has managed to revamp the music and fashion industry with his amazing Yellow Tour Hoodie. We love the sheer rawness it has but in the most refined manner a Rager could imagine, or anyone in this case. The color selection in the first place is marvelous since not a lot of musician merch is colorful, but Travis breaks all such stereotypes. Get your hands-on Fashion Printing Travis Scott Astroworld Hoodies in multiple colors.

Travis Scott Hats:

We all love a good beanie and baseball cap, especially that it is durable and will be in neutral colors to match everyday wear. Get the limited-edition caps to rock with your Travis Scott merch, as protection from the blazing sun is a guarantee from the manufacturers of the classic Dad Hat Astroworld Baseball Cap Cotton Snapback or your Travis Scott Concert Tour 100% Cotton Astroworld Baseball Cap Unisex. Also, both are available on Stockloot at an exceptionally discounted price of $20 and $15, respectively. On the other hand, fight the chilly breezes of winter with your trendy Astroworld beanies for autumn-winter letter colorful embroidery warm caps.

Travis Scott Shoes:

The legend put thought into minor accessories, imagine what he has in store for his famous shoe collection. We know how the braided rapper is obsessed with getting his limited-edition Jordan’s; hen ceforth, he has put his heart and soul in creating the most attention-getting designs. Something as simple and as chic as the Scott Astroworld Travis Funny Fashion Classic Casual Canvas Shoes is a must-have in your merch collection. You can get your pair for just $45 and walk in comfort on your runway. Another Rager favorite, Travis Scottii Astroworld Forced Shoes Black Multi Color Fashion Sport, which is a little on the expensive end, but you can check out the shoe collection for more creative and funky designs.

Travis Scott Phone Cases:

Lastly, the rainbow tie-dye has been perfected on phone cases as well that brings all eyes to your beautifully manicured hands. We are in love with bold designs that Travis has catered for many phones, like iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. The emblazoned designs might not be everyone’s cup of tea but any Rager would die to get hands-on their very own Astroworld Tour Teddy Bear Wish You Were Here Soft Phone Case is just $25. There are silicon, glass, and hardcover cases to show off your favorite artist. We love the graphic print quality of the MaiYaCa Travis Scott Astroworld Silicone Soft Phone Accessories as it highlights the best parts of the picture in the most magnificent manner.

So, what are you waiting for? For the love of Travis Scott order your stunning merch from Stockloot before we run out!